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May 27, 2013
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  • Pinoaffe commented on Popular Mechanics's instructable Build a Woodworker's Toolbox5 months ago
    Build a Woodworker's Toolbox

    why exactly would the units of measurement indicate that someone is a seasoned craftsmen?there's lots of craftsmen out there, and not every last one of them lives in the USA. asia, europe, africa and australia all have their sets of seasoned craftsmen that are just as talented as (or more talented than) this guy. I don't mean to disrespect his work, he's far better at carpentry then I am, but I know quite some people who have made equally good if not better results, while none of them was using the imperial units, simply because those aren't the ones they grew up with, and because those aren't the ones in which they were taught their craft. So I'll repeat: what influence on the quality of workmanship do the units of measurement have?

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