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Hitman31224 days ago

plasmana pls answear :( can u make a capacitor charger?

master key1 year ago
I hope Plasmana didn't die or something...
Hi Plasmana. Are you alive?
it didn't work... =-(
What didn't work?
the umm thingy i was trying to do
aha... Would it be possible to be more specific... :D
haha, it was a long time ago, i don't remember...
Plasmana (author)  comodore5 years ago
:P I hope this is not another Rick Roll link..... ;D
Plasmana (author)  comodore5 years ago
Did you read the link? Go on, click the link! It is not going to hurt! :-) Muahahah!
ammm... I am not shore...