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quistion about the star it should stay together when we throw right
Player 1 (author)  tatsugandragon7 years ago
um not neccersarily... it wasnt made to stay together...it actually depends on the thickness of the paper, if there was adhiesives applied and other factors... but in your case it soesnt stay together i am thinking? well u can think of it as an exploding star, where u throw it and it's pieces come off?
.............. so what tape?
Player 1 (author)  tatsugandragon7 years ago
tape? well u can use any tape if u want it the stick just tape the pieces togethr i guess... but last time i threw mine it stayed together till it impacted... i used the fact that it came apart to a new game i made: throw the star and whoever touched it last before it falls apart, you lose... =)
not a bad idea fer a game. but mine falls apart when i throw it so i might as well just tape it thx. oh by the way why dont u have a profile pic do u not no how to add one. it takes some figurine out but u figure it out.

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