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samerfifa4 months ago

so nice i love it

my personal legal blog

I love you work :D

T0BY1 year ago

I love your fabric speaker idea, it's a stroke of genius!


camisetas1 year ago

You've done a great work here!!!

cann1du5 years ago
Great music videos on YouTube
Yeah, I've enjoyed those videos too!
cmonaco34 years ago
Were you by chance at the Atlanta Mini Maker Faire?
Plusea (author)  cmonaco34 years ago
yes, i was.
scheroin5 years ago
Execuse,I wander how to buy the e-textile through the stores online.
Thank you
backlinkin16 years ago
hello this is cool .
 VELOSTAT not find in Spain. where can I get it. type of store that sells it ?
thanks. be happy 
Plusea (author)  peque_percusion6 years ago
Try also looking for Linqstat from Caplinq. Otherwise ask in a local electronics store for anti-static black storage bags.
mattseymour6 years ago
a woman who loves electronics! I think I am in love with you!
chemicalweb7 years ago
you are wonderful... serious... great projects!