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  • Plutosson posted a topic Propane expension5 days ago
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    I really appreciate the input everyone (is this a cool site or what). I have a bottle cutter, a glass cutter, I know the twine method, candle and ice, boiling water and ice water techniques. What I am interested in doing is cutting a bottle length-wise. I have seen a homemade rig using a Dremel tool that seems to work but it's time consuming and clumbsy. A new wet band-saw that does the job beautifully costs about $400.00. That's why I was seeking to use a regular band-saw with a wet cutting blade and possibly a modification or two to get the job done without harming the band saw.

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  • Plutosson commented on Plutosson's forum topic Bandsaw3 weeks ago
  • Plutosson posted a topic Bandsaw3 weeks ago