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  • PortlandGirl commented on Horatius.Steam's instructable The amazing tube internet radio8 months ago
    The amazing tube internet radio

    And BTW this is a really cool project. If I can part with parting out one of my little tube radios, I'd like to convert it into an internet radio. But they're all functional, so I can't bring myself to do it. Maybe I'll find one with a broken radio, and reuse its amplification circuitry and speaker(s).

    You know it's the current that kills you, not voltage. That's why many of those super high voltage mad science projects won't kill you, even with massively high voltages. Mains voltage and tube voltages won't kill you either, if there's not much current draw. I've been hit with mains and tube voltages more times than I can remember since I was too young to know better, and it's been fine. But the current - it doesn't take much to stop your heart, if it happens to go across it. It'll just hurt, and some of the high voltage tube circuits can hurt a LOT. Still, a little caution is always good.

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