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    iot_lab, although in normal use, spark is unlikely, in event of malfunction the potential is there. Consider cases of short-circuit or the power supply failing... Just explore these scenarios and apply the relevant standards. :)

    hi soapyyou don't wanna take this risk. In the LPG business we go extra long distance to make sure all equips are certified IS. The hazards of LPG warrants it. Just take the extra step and be safe than sorry.

    Nice Idea however, you guys didn't think the safety aspect through.1. In event of a leak, you need to make sure that your device is not able to generate spark or acts as an ignition source. This mean that your circuitry and power source need to be either intrinsically safe or housed inside a spark-proof container. 2. Agree with some previous comments, LPG sensors is the way to go. LPG will always sink to the ground and spread. So, the sensor will pick it up fast.3. Replace the wood with high density plastic. You can experiment with high quality birch plywood... they are way more stable than wood. Epoxy coats will enhance the stability of the ply as well.4. Conserve battery by activating the scale only once every hour or longer. But the LPG sensor shall be polled every minute.Hope these points will make it to your brainstorming sessions but please don't overlook the safety part.

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