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  • Solar powered ceiling fan (Chirstmas gift)

    Just noticed how old these posts are, sorry for resurecting this thread.

    In place of insulation inside could they put a bit of soil and see if grass or weeds might grow on the roof, that has an amazing cooling property via evaporation. As long as the roof is strong enough of course, The storage containers would work especially well with that.

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  • Pretired commented on Benne's instructable Tomahawk Survival Axe (that opens beers!)1 year ago
    Tomahawk Survival Axe (that opens beers!)

    Ideally if you can heat the axe (cutting edge) to red hot and then quench in oil, you want a slower quench than water would give to reorganize the carbon and just harden the outside edges while leaving the interior of the metal somewhat softer to withstand impacts so it won't shatter/crack. There are lots of youtube videos demonstrating the technique for this, some say to heat until the metal loses it's magnetic properties as judging the temp can be fairly difficult from colour alone.

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