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RedSynergy3 years ago
Hey I've built the four color press, but I'm having an issue getting the tension on the springs right. I haven't been able to get them set to hold down with a screen on without some sort of clamp to keep it in place. I'd like to fix this because it renders the springs useless using a clamping mechanism to keep the screen down. Thanks and I really appreciate you posting the plans it was a lot of fun :D
Progfellow (author) 7 years ago
Hi- I emailed you. Thanks!
eimmij7 years ago
I have a question for progfellow/Michael Phipps, I'm building the 4 color screen press and everything is going according to plan except that I'm now to the part of the lazy susan and I've come to a road block. I've purchased the heavy duty lazy susan used for bar stools and what I discovered was that the lazy susan does not give me a 360 spin without stopping on a 3/4 turn from the left and 3/4 turn from the right. Did the susan you use do a 360 spin or did I get the wrong susan? Please give me the type of susan I need to move forward with my screen press. Thank you! Eimmij. Please email me with the solution at jjrcrprp@aol.com-----Urgent!!

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