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Prometheus (author) 1 year ago
Thank you all for your informative comments to help myself and others. I have been gone awhile due to an careless individual driving into my car with tragic consequences that I will have to bear until time's end. Thank you for subscribing and commenting, and I will be back soon with more projects to come. To all of you here, keep up the good work and support of others, recycling, repairing, and repurposing is more important now in this world than ever. Never stop learning as knowledge is the power that keeps us strong and innovative. That my few posted projects have been helpful to so many is medicine enough for me. I shall return with more soon. Cheers!
sparhawk72 years ago
your instructables are awesome, but you once made mention of a 600+ lb cargo bike... instructable coming soon i hope? thanks for all your wonderful help!
noosphere7 years ago
In the How To Tighten Up A Sloppy Second Hand Dremel instructable you mentioned that you had created a dust-seal between the annulus and your Dremel clone tool. Would you be willing to create an instructable about it? Thanks! :)
Prometheus (author)  noosphere7 years ago
Too simple for a full project, so I'll just tell you here: Cut some plastic from a soda-bottle (about an inch square), remove the collet, collet nut, and collar from the tool. Run the tool at medium speed and literally use the open shaft to bore through just past the threaded area. Carefully cut the plastic back so that it will fit in the collar, and then screw the collar on. Turn the tool on full power and it should bore wide enough to fit the raw shaft. Stop the tool immediately if it can't overcome the temporary binding, and bore it out just a little more. The reason you use the shaft is because it will make a tighter "seal". If you screw it up, just cut another piece, but be sure it is from the side of the bottle where the plastic is at it's thinnest, and not where there are any folds or dents. If you still want a project, I'll work on one, or I might just do one anyway. I'll try to let you know when I do if I can remember.
Thanks. I think I understand your explanations. Of course, pics are always helpful. But in this case I think in this case you might be right, and it just might be simple enough not to need them...
Prometheus (author)  noosphere7 years ago
If you have the tool, and need further help, I'd be glad to give it...try it, and if you have problems, let me know. It was about 30 seconds work including the thought-process, once you see it work, it'll be just as easy for you to do it a second or "dozenth" time.... Need any help, just reply here. If you still think pics would be helpful, I can consider putting a project together, no problem....I might just put one up anyway, if I choose to bother lol....Reply if you need any help, just remember that soda-bottles are your friend for scrap plastics.
hey just sending a message in reply to the few "pleasant" messages I got from you sorry to disappoint but aim not religious nor do I plan on becoming so ive been raised with a certain level of cynicysm around me about it oh and I'm also not a parent just a kid with an opinion he felt like throwing in. but in the future you may want to put a little thought into how your reacting to things anyhow have a nice day.
This is america. You have just as much to your opinion as I do mine. I hear what you say and I understand what you mean, so don't worry that I am offended by your comment. I am not, especially because you present yourself with the manners and humility that other are simply not able to. That makes you a bigger person than many who have responded to what I have said in those posts. My initial (first) post was meant to create a reaction, as a part of a social experiment. As you can see by the replies, some people are not well-adjusted enough to handle criticism of their beliefs, and instead of holding their ground, they lash out in fear of anything challenging that which they cling to, and why they are clinging to it. True intelligence is knowing when to question what you believe, and some people are incapable of that. Some day you will be a parent, and I hope that you know how to make the right choices as to when you will take on such a lifelong responsibility, especially the most important parenting decision of all: "when not to bring a child into the world". The most important parenting decision is whether to become one in the first place. The second is to give your children a choice in their lives if you elect to take up this responsibility. It is common for religious parents to "groom" their children into their faith, and this is morally wrong. When you know the difference, you have become a qualified parent. Trust me, how I may seem to initially react to certain statements is more a test of the person who posted them, and not necessarily how I would react in a face-to-face confrontation. I aim to put them in a position to prove their belief in their position, and when they cannot come up with answers, I indirectly challenge their beliefs and force them to challenge those beliefs themselves. This is not to make me feel better about myself, but to better those who speak "their truth" without even trying to know the "real truth". You have every right to express what you feel, but you can't call it truth unless you have the facts. You presented your comment to my posting far more maturely than many who actually are parents, and in my social experiment, you pass with flying colors, unlike many others. You may need to check your punctuation and grammar a little, but overall you have said more in your statement and done so far better than anyone else ever has on this site. Pat yourself on the back for being just the type of person we need more of in the world. I am nowhere near disappointed with you, I am proud that you can be challenged in your beliefs and still be polite. Your parents have done a good job with you, and hence you will likely be a good parent to your children when you have them, by passing down those values to them. You are a gold medalist in my social experiment (don't tell anyone about it though). And I will say, contrary to your nickname, I will remember you, because real intelligence like yours comes along increasingly rarely these days. You are worth remembering if your statement was a true representation of your ideals and opinion. If you choose to reply to this, I'm curious as to how old you really are? No reply necessary though.
just 14 so haven't had that much time on earth and I know everyone should have the right to choose their religion but for the really devout parents who think if they don't their children will go to hell although my parents raised me with your "choose your own religion" philosophy oh and nice Instructable on how to resurface bike rims all I can think of is how to make a desktop catapult out of some bamboo skewers.
theburn78 years ago
You seem smart in the medical section, how do i cure bruises quickly, and how to relieve pain from sunburn?
Prometheus (author)  theburn78 years ago
You cannot cure bruises quickly, they are the result of burst capillaries just under the skin, so short of putting ice on an injury that may result in a bruise or worse, you just have to let your own body do it's work. There is no practical method for aiding a bruise other than to protect it from further impact or injury until it heals on it's own. Unexplained bruising indicates some form of internal bleeding, and should be investigated by qualified medical professionals right away. The best cure for a bruise is protection from further provocation. Pain from sunburn is usually the start of a minor and localized skin dehydration and a minor burn injury. Aloe sap (direct from the cactus itself) is the general home remedy due to it's protective properties, so if you get sunburn often, invest in getting a living aloe cactus, which are very easy to care for. Anti-itch ointment can also help as it also helps kill the same pain nerves that cause itching. Stay out of the sun for at least a week and avoid friction or irritation until the skin has stabilized. Use sunscreen next time, this isn't 1980 anymore. Our protection from the sun's more harmful rays is not what it used to be, so if you are going to be out in the direct sun for more than an hour, use a sunscreen minimum SPF 15. For more than 3 hours, a minimum SPF 25, and both should be waterproof if the weather is hot enough to sweat. Being in water will not protect you, I have gotten sunburned while swimming. Be sure you are getting your recommended daily amount of vitamin A to balance your skin's output of vitamin D, because vitamin A helps your resistance to malignant melanoma. Have any sudden and/or new moles checked out by a dermatologist right away, as this is a sign of malignant melanoma, a skin cancer that can get out of control if not treated quickly. To treat with the aloe cactus, simply cut or break off a tip and rub the sap directly on the affected area (this also works with other, more localized burns), and leave it alone for the skin to absorb on it's own. The "sap" will help the skin retain it's moisture while also preventing any infection. Aloe is a natural ointment similar to that of a 3-n-1 bacitracin ointment, and a traditional polynesian medicine for thousands of years. The best part is that the cactus can live well on one cup of water a year, and ignores water it doesn't need. Even the most neglectful plant owner can keep one alive, and they are not very expensive at all.
Prometheus (author)  Prometheus8 years ago
I should also add that you should harvest from the older growth at the bottom and only 1/2 inch of plant material will suffice to cover over one square inch of skin. It turning a "pus-like yellow" after contact is normal, these are the plant's acids attacking the "bad tissue", so leave the application alone to absorb into the skin. It is also rumored to treat warts as well if applied daily until the lesion is gone. It does not harm good living tissue, as if it somehow knows healthy from unhealthy. Do not apply for burns greater than a square foot on the skin other than smearing on for sunburn. Do not rely on it for large-sized thermal burns, seek adequate medical treatment. It is best used as a treatment for small burns, or a temporary bandage for larger ones before more adequate treatment can be given. To apply, cut a 1/2 inch at a time and crush the cutting to force the sap out and apply directly to the skin. The sap is sticky, but try to avoid putting clothing on the treated area. It is analgesic, anesthetic, and very antibiotic. Don't harvest more than 25% of the plant at a time for the sake of the plant, and harvest the oldest growth at the bottom to minimize shock to the plant. Cut with a knife or scissors, do not rip it apart, or the plant may not heal well and this will stress the plant too much. Take only what you need and let the plant recover, or it will die and you will have to buy another.
have you went to medical school or something? how did you obtain so much knowledge
Prometheus (author)  theburn78 years ago
No, I just read vigilantly on certain things, and get advice from medical professionals at every opportunity. I was also an unofficial field medic for hiking trips and camping trips. Survivalism and homeopathy certainly help too.
neat dude