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Ghost Wolf1 year ago

Hows it been going? I finally post an instructables with great pictures. I was surprised my account was still here 3 years later and have decided to make some instructables

Ghost Wolf5 years ago
Hey I got word there was an earthquake in New Zealand here is a link to the photos (click here)
Puzzledd (author)  Ghost Wolf5 years ago
Yes, it's absolutely horrible. New Zealand is like our close cousins; in fact my sister-in-law is from there but up north.
I've been to Christchurch; it was a lovely city, and I can't bear to think of all the destruction, let alone the suffering and death. Our part of the world seems to be having more than its fair share of storms, floods, fire and now quakes.
You got everything we only had earthquakes in California until we moved to Washington
Ghost Wolf5 years ago
wow 160 comments never thought possible

Btw my camera is dead for now the battery leaked :( I put new batteries in didn't work.
I wish summer was here then I'd get my new camera

I'm still trying to figure out how to get the battery juice out :(
Puzzledd (author)  Ghost Wolf5 years ago
That's weird...my reply from the other day has vanished.
Sorry about your camera :( Can you try wiping out the battery case with an absorbent cloth? Maybe leave something in there to absorb the battery fluid, and tip it upside down to encourage it to run out? That won't hurt it at least.

Repairs are SO expensive - probably more than the camera is worth now.

Maybe gently rub the terminals with fine sandpaper in case they are corroded by the battery acid- tho unlike;ly unless the batteries were in there for a long time, unused (and you'd have to be very careful not to get any sand dust in the camera itself!)

My dad used to repair cameras, was very handy when he was alive. These days, though, they're not made to repair, just throw away and upgrade, unless you get into the very expensive models.

I'm still missing my new camera that I left in the country- haven't had a chance to go and pick it up yet. I'm lucky I have my little compact Lumix, which is OK for basic shots.

I've been making more "clipart" images for my website. The bee-eater one was very popular on flickr so I had to make a better one. I did this one on the weekend and it had nearly 50 views in the first day.

Alaskan Malamute sm 4cm.gif
wow congratulations I have a flicker account too


The battery stuff is hardened I read that if you use rubbing alcohol it will get rid of most of it :P just need to find rubbing 
Puzzledd (author)  Ghost Wolf5 years ago
Like your Flickr photos! You do very artistic shots with your S5is - mine are more "utility shots", I don't have the artistic eye.

Hope you get your camera going!
I got some alcohol last night, got a Q tip and rubbed it. I got most of it off surprised it worked so well. I put in fresh batteries and it works!
Puzzledd (author)  Ghost Wolf5 years ago
I'm really pleased you got it going again!!
It started up with it's classic *bleep* IT'S ALIVE!!!
Puzzledd (author)  Ghost Wolf5 years ago
Yay! Well done :)
But there is a catch! The SD card is full lol I can't find the cord XD

My camera hates me
Puzzledd (author)  Ghost Wolf5 years ago
Oh, what a pest. Do you have another lead like that anywhere in your family? I have several the same- from my external hard drive, my old Motorola mobile phone, my old camera...handy, as I always misplace them, and the S5is uses the standard plug (not like my Lumix and my Samsung phone, which have a smaller plug).
Check what leads you have that plug into your computer... or other digital appliances. Or you can get cheap card readers (or leads) ;)