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whats an arduino
What is an Ordain! Well An Ordain is an open-source electronic prototyping platform. It is basically a controller that can power LEDs screens can also receive data and process it. It uses the Wiring program language.
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Um is it when I said I just go an arduino and it could be possible to do. You could use some touch sensors and ultrasonic sensors. The dirt in the water could mess it up. there will be allot of code! I would start out by making an autonomous car. OR It might be possible to hack a controller. You could either solder wires to each potienmer and connect them to a arduino. You could also find some way to connect a controller to the computer and the then connect to a phidgets board to the ROV. OR The arduino would still work because it can take any sensor and any motor but the phidgets would defiantly help. Please tell me, I Want to know!
Oops The spell check changed arduino to Ordain