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All posts sounds great.

I guess Shankari1562 is right.. "The EyeWriter " is good one.

rajeevcool7555 months ago

Nice posts, Thanks for following me.

Thanks for following me.

Shankari15625 months ago

I like EyeWriter Article. Thanks for posting here.

jthomson30005 months ago

Great instructable. Thanks for following.

Pantheranat205 months ago

Nice stuffs. Thanks for sharing.

Flosyd1235 months ago

Cool information , Thank you for sharing with us.

danialbell55 months ago

Fantastic information .Keep posting like this. Great insructables.

sshamsul10 months ago

hi. Regarding the eye writer, is it okay if i use it with LabVIEW?

Gmodvids6 years ago
lol love the user name and i also made a flash light out of your throwie
Yeah I'm a sucker for the username too.
where do u buy the kits of led throwies
Why not just make them? They're easy and fun to make.
Plasmana6 years ago
Great job on your LED Throwies instructable!