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Keep up the good work man!

3dpoet11 months ago

congratulations! we will collab soon! lets do the dj gadget !

Nice work man, please more projects with Arduino ADK.

Can't believe you have a company at age 13! Awesome!

(hey! I'm accually 10 so keep it secret!!!!)

hey, I have something to make! a reloadable potato gun. (hint: internal combustion engines work well)

TP_inc2 years ago
could you make a instructable on how to use a Wii nun chuck on Google earth flight simulator
i know! its called something or other. anywho, i like your instructables!!! i saw you in popular science!
nailuj4 years ago
VERY impressive Instructables. One question: (I can totally understand if you don't want to answer this) how did you get on Instructables? They only allow people who are 13 and above.