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where do you get the window's for you xbox modding? P.S. good work on the red Portal case :)

QuackMasterDan (author) 5 years ago
This is just a post to anyone interested, I just did a new case-mod for my replacement 360, and added some pictures into the CCFL 360 tutorial, along with my Photoshop design document on the last page. If a couple users want me to, I will find and modify another case and make an Instructable on window-cutting.
Valeil5 years ago
Hey, I've been subscribed for a while, and I just thought I'd tell you that you're like, my modding idol. I've been meaning to set up some CCFLs(which is the first instructable by you that i read) on my 360 for a while now, but I'm kinda scared to, you know? And advice on modding in general? Thanks(:
QuackMasterDan (author)  Valeil5 years ago
Sure, I'd be glad to give advice.
As far as CCFLs, just try sticking two in a computer. Or another fun mod I do, is installing them inside furniture. At my house, I got some microphone inverters, and stuck blue CCFLs underneath my coffee table with zip-ties. We also installed some behind the wall-mounted LCD TV (red on the left, blue on the right). Whenever there is bass, like an explosion in a movie, or I'm playing some hard electronic music on the home-theater, they light up. That will give you some experience with soldering and how they work at least, and is a good way to get familiar with CCFLs.

As far as modding goes, do things the way whatever works easiest, and what things are supposed to be used for does not matter. Almost all of the parts I find or end up using, though some is internet research, is I walk up and down all the isles at Home Depot or Lowes, looking for any random part that fits a need. Everything from flower pots to door frames to electrical boxes, anything that could be cut apart to work. Note though, you can't ask for advice (except from the old guys, since they have been carpenters or welders for years and now work at Lowes since they're broke), since most workers are only stock-boys and cashiers.

For instance, my most recent guide, was originally going to be a light stand made out of wood for the base where all the inverters and junk would be stored. I tried cutting it, and realized the cuts were too hard. Then it became PVC pipe for the base (think like a tall vertical-lampstand, except the pole itself is the light). Then the plan was to make the lampstands hang from the ceiling with wire, ala hanging aircraft in a museum. Eventually, I chose clear acrylic, and U-clamps to stick to the wall. I planned that pole out for about two weeks, thinking about it every day and waiting for random creative thoughts as I waited for the acrylic to arrive in the mail.

Also for modding, let your fear make you cautious, but not to the point of giving up. The first time I modded my 360, I flashed the firmware to play copied DVDs. I read flashing guides for two days. When I did the hack, I was super paranoid and kept making small errors due to lack of knowledge and it took me eight hours... Now I can do them in five minutes, and I learned that 360s are almost indestructable systems that are easy to tinker with. That being said, I have also broken some Xbox 360s when trying to JTAG them (which is much more complex), and learned how to fix them as a result (also dangerous to them).

I made a full JTAG guide on my YouTube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/QuackMasterDan

That YouTube channel is more for entertaining media than anything, but the JTAG guide is educational.

Take whatever you have in your life right now. A Nintendo Wii, a 360, a desk, a controller, a bicycle, a kitchen cabinet, a blank wall in a cramped room, whatever you use right now, and decide how to hack the hell out of it for either something cool, or something you need (like an easier to ride bicycle or a shelf for a cramped room, or a rapid-fire controll). Right now, I obtained a crappy $40 road bike from a yard sale. Now I'm going to be putting a weed-whacker engine on it, for a motorized bicycle. Next up is a shoulder mounted potato-launcher. Then, of course, I must cover them all in pretty lights. So, to condense it, research and read a lot, ask a lot of annoying questions in IRC and forums, take whatever stuff you use all the time or looks fun, and decide to make it either make it yourself from scratch, or more awesome. Good luck.
ahmad996 years ago
ok thanx
ahmad996 years ago
i wanted to ask u how can i update my psp from 3.71 m33-2 to higher becoz most of the new games arent working on it.
QuackMasterDan (author)  ahmad996 years ago
I have no experience whatsoever with PSP modding. Google is your friend. I would also suggest looking up some PSP modding IRC channels and asking in there.
ibtassam6 years ago
Hi there. Everything alright? It has been about a week since you last posted. Hope everything's fine. Regards, Ibtassam
QuackMasterDan (author)  ibtassam6 years ago
Nothing has really come up that has needing answering. I've been spending a lot of time in Xbox 360 hacking channels (#freeboot and #fw), and created a 50 minute YouTube series on how to completely JTAG an Xbox 360 from stock.

I've also spent some time running through about 20 J-Core albums (Hardcore Syndrome 4 has rocked my socks off the most), and going to some celebrations.

In fact, I'm going on a boat ride with water-skiing and innertubing today =) The YouTube series is here:
Nice music! Why do you, btw, focus on Xbox more than other games? Did you see my led light's pics, I posted 'em in your light bar instructable. I would also like to suggest an idea for a future instructable. But will have to search for the youtube video of it so you can understand what exactly it is. Don't know if you have time for it in future?
QuackMasterDan (author)  ibtassam6 years ago
Hardcore Syndrome 4 is a *very* niche album style (hardstyle, gabber, and happy hardcore). I'd say the best album I've heard in the last year is Cristierra by Shiki,which is completely different kind of album (It's melodic piano, violin, and pad/synthesizer trance. The track Pure Ruby = mindblowingly beautiful).

There are a couple of reasons I focus on the Xbox. 1) There is a massive modding community for the Xbox and 360, so many sources and chat channels and forums, there is a lot of knowledge out there. 2) The systems tend to be for a more hardcore audience than the Wii or PS3, the kind of people who are more likely to rip apart their $250 system to do weird things to it. 3) I don't like the Wii, and thus do not own one, and I find the PS3 exceedingly boring with nothing I can do to it besides paint it. The first true hack for the PS3 actually came out two weeks ago, after four years of waiting! If it turns out to spawn a ton of modders, electrical diagrams, and spare knowledge, I'll begin doing PS3 guides.

I'll always consider projects suggested to me by other people. However one thing I've learned, if you want something done and done well, you have to have a passion for it. If it isn't a project I have any personal use for, or interest in, I would suggest the person who loves that idea pursue it themselves. Anybody can accomplish any project, with enough time, research, and hard work =)

I'm still interested in what you have to say, link me to your video or tell me what to search for. Or just feel free to explain it here. Also, your LED bar turned out very nicely, a design I was not expecting, but am nonetheless impressed by. Your diffuser worked out very well.
Maybe this music is too hardcore for me, atm. I never really like a thing on the first trial but after 2 or 3 go's I start to like and then love it. I'll give you a link to a song, maybe you can suggest similar beats? (I'll get back to that later in the message).
Yeah the light rocks. My circuit diagram is not that clear so I'll give you the link just in case you plan to build it for yourself.
 Well my instructable suggestion is, I think, interesting for you as well. It's a similar light, like the one I built, but more sophisticated. So complex, for me, that It's next to impossible for me to even start it. Here is the video Of all the 'music synced LED' videos, this one was, by far, the most impressive to me. But, sadly, he doesn't intend on making an instructable. But after scrolling the comments page of this video for useful links I found two. Link1 Link2 [One other important thing to notice is that Link1 is provided by maker of video while Link2 is given by some other user so Link1 is of more preference. Also, at the end of video, he shows the circuit from distance, which maybe helpful in some way]. You may only try this when you have some time on your hands. The song in this video is the one I was referring to earlier. Do let me know if you know any similar ones.
QuackMasterDan (author)  ibtassam6 years ago

Thanks a bunch for that first instructable link, I'm going to go build that circuit. I've long been interested in getting sound-reactive LEDs, but I've always been under the impression that anything nice required programming software to accept input from a RS232 cable. I never considered using pass-filters to change outputs, all analog sounds right up my alley =)

I'm interested in building something like that, though I'm not specifically sure what to make.  An ideal goal for me would be something like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSqn1_EDx1c which is custom-home lighting made with RGB Luxeon stars hooked into an arduino (which requires programming it). Maybe it's time for me to learn arduino...

Anyways, thanks for the links, they appear interesting. As far as a guide you would like me to make, specifically which one would you prefer? That first instructable link has a very basic schematic, and looks very achievable with little work, a stepping stone if you will. Also, link1 gives me an error in firefox, about a failed redirect. Could you possibly fix the link? Thanks.
Umm you there?
QuackMasterDan (author)  ibtassam6 years ago
I am always here, what do you need? I won't be building the project for a couple weeks at least, it generally takes two or four weeks for me to come up with fun ways to implement a guide through random thinking, and eventually when I hit a creative spark I spend a couple days straight just building (no food or rest =P), and then the writing of a guide, which I edit for maybe another week before publishing.

I'm actually in the process of making a new instructable, of something I'm calling a light-stick. Pictures attached, one is of them installed of my room, the other is what I consider to be the coolest picture of them I've taken.