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Oct. 26, 2015
Built my first radio when I was 10, Continued like fireworks bursting into universal physics.
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  • Joule Thief With Ultra Simple Control of Light Output

    Two comments. The LED connection is not shown in the schematics. In #3, where is the connection that charges the battery from the solar cell?

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  • Quantumdust commented on lkndave's instructable Remote Control Update2 months ago
    Remote Control Update

    Good stuff. Easy fix and, yes, it works much better.

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  • Variable Voltage Regulator Using the LM317

    The circuit does work and is about 100 (give or take) years old.It is good for teaching people that are not familiar with the LM317 how to make it variable. I would strongly suggest, to make the schematic logically obvious, put the input on the left with the +ve on top, -ve (ground) on the bottom and the output on the right, +ve on top, referenced to ground. R1 simply goes from Adj. pin to ground in the middle. Much nicer on the eyes.

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  • Simple and Durable Hydroxy Gas Generator

    Two seconds of keystrokes on Google gives instant answers to a LOT of obvious questions that people ask on Instructables :-)Wikipedia: Hydroxy gas: A nickname for oxyhydrogen, a combination of hydrogen and oxygen gas produced from the electrolysis of water

    If you don't provide separate containers for the two products evolved you get a mixture in one container. This is obviously what the designer wants from the start. Try reading his description again.

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  • Make 4 Useful Things From 9V Dead Battery

    LiPo cells for RC flyers, unless they already have manufactured connections, probably have metal (sometimes Aluminium) tabs that are more forgiving than soldering directly to the battery cases of 18650 and other sizes. Still, LiPo absolute max temperature is rated at 140F/60C. After that they become unstable and a fire hazard.For the record, I've soldered Li-Ion 18650 cells once or twice and got away with it without calling the fire department. Then I did a little study on the chemistry and construction of Li batteries in general. Most people don't take the time to dig into this stuff and simply think that batteries are batteries and some are better than others. Not so. Ask the guys that bought electric skateboards only to have them catch fire under them with only "normal" use.

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  • Make 4 Useful Things From 9V Dead Battery

    Ideas are good....just a couple of comments. Make sure that you, and especially your kids if they are doing it, are very careful cutting the jacket of the old battery. The chemicals inside are NOT user-friendly and can be nasty or toxic if spilled out.The second not is do NOT EVER solder to Li-Ion batteries with a soldering iron. These cells are not meant to be heated like that. Links are always attached with a spot-welder which does not invade the internals of the cell. If you heat it with solder you may be lucky and nothing will happen except a soldered connection, if you are unlucky you get a thing called thermal runaway where the battery shorts inside, heats up, emits hazardous fumes, catches fire and potentially explodes. Unless you like calling 911, do not do this.

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