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I don't know ... I'm not finished yet I tilt at Windmills .... Save Distressed Damsels ... AND ...Slay Dragons !!! :-)
  • QuixoteMD commented on Paige Russell's instructable 10 Unusual Uses for Baking Soda1 week ago
    10 Unusual Uses for Baking Soda

    It Neutralizes Auto battery acid spilled or on the battery so it can be used to clean both battery and ESPECIALLY the battery floor plate from rusting away.Also its great for neutralizing acidity in a tropical fish tank ... go slow and add one or two table spoons at a time (for a 50 -100 gallon tank) and let the filter completely disperse the water before testing again ( at least 1/2 hour ) then add more until your PH test tells you its back to normal. ( The Brand name formulated they $$$ell in the pet shops is nothing more than baking soda in water ) :-)

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  • QuixoteMD commented on mikeasaurus's instructable 11 unusual uses for straws11 months ago
    11 unusual uses for straws

    Use them all the time for vacuum sealing zip-lock bags ...but you have to hold your teeth lightly one the ridges of the bendy thing to pull it out of the last unzipped corner while still sucking because the vacuum against the sides tries to hold the straw in tightly. this way you have both hands free to finish off the Zipper while still holding vacuum seal !!! :-0

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