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  • RJI4 commented on UrbanSurvival's instructable Leather/Kydex holster2 years ago
    Leather/Kydex holster

    I know I'm really late to this one, but if I found it, I'm guessing others are still reading this intstructable.. Anyway, just wanted to say that's a damn fine looking IWB. I just got a kydex IWB that is a clamshell design with a rubber washer between two grommets and a screw for adjustable retention. I like it a lot, but yours looks like it would distribute the weight better (I have a PPQ 9). I might just have to try this and avoid spending 85-100 bucks! Thanks to the OP!

    Just for future readers obviously: you can buy "blue plastic" forms for most pistol models. It seems to be essential if you really get serious about making holsters in volume. Not sure how much they cost. I've also seen people use their actual gun and a heat gun to mold the kydex in place. There are tons of videos on YT about this now, so I'm probably talking to myself....

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