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Dec. 7, 2011
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  • How to Lose 100+ Pounds and Keep it Off For Life

    Download the My FitnessPal app. I makes calorie counting ( and sodium and fat and everything else) super easy. You scan the bar code, a select your amount you are eating and bang! It's in your food diary. You can also make up your own recipes and meals and it records it all and tells you the calorie count. I have two eggs, two toast, a tsp of butter and 1 cup of skim milk for breakfast regularly. I just select it from my meal list and it adds it all in to my daily total. It also has you give current weight and info, your goal weight and time to achieve it, and bang! You have your calorie per day calculated. You can add exercise (keeps track of calories burned ), and lots of other things to help out. SparkPeople is also EXCELLENT for exercise, support, videos for every exercise known, keeps track of everything also.

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