May 31, 2015
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  • RUGGERIO4 commented on rolandc's forum topic Canceling Pro Membership4 months ago

    I must make a comment here that When 'Instructables' uses recurring payments only as means of payment then many untoward and negative options will exist for users who pay this way. The first one is that you can die and even though you are dead your account could be accessible and payments taken from it. As well as this we often forget that payments need to be canceled and whilst this is beneficial for 'Instructables' it is extremely annoying and inconvenient for the users, and often causes great troubles such as if the website and company goes down or becomes inaccessible and you still don't get the benefit of using it because of it. There is always the possibility of the Website going out of business altogether.So Instructables , please review your payment methods as make sure there are other options such as one month only. One Year Only and even One day only or Two weeks only. There are many occasions that exist as to why these options are necessary ; not least when the possibility of your website getting hacked is very easily possible too. Hospital appointments, Long term absence from the Country or just being out of touch for a while all count as not getting full value for money so please allow us to determine our own lengths of time membership that are not constrained by the impediment of having to CANCEL MEMBERSHIPS. YES AND LETS SEE A CANCELATION BUTTON I LARGE AND BIG LETTERS ON THE MAIN FRONT PAGE.WHAT ARE YOU SO AFRAID OF ANYWAY? WE HAVE MORE TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT THAN YOU SINCE WHERE ARE OUR GUARANTEES AND ASSURANCES THAT WE ARE ON A BONA-FIDE WEBSITE AND NOT SOME HACKED DUPLICATE?Whats more is; Why can't we see in Large and Red letters on the page that Show when we have an existing MEMBERSHIP AND WHETHER WE ARE PRO or not please?

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  • RUGGERIO4 commented on M3G's forum topic Pro Membership Giveaway4 months ago

    Dear Pro Memberships. I have twice if not three times or more tried to Upgrade to Pro-Membership through PayPal and each time . even though i have received a text ion my phone which equates to having succeeded i find that no email nor mention on Paypal exists as having paid. Nor have i succeeded in obtaining a Membership' even though last year on May 31st i was a One Years Member.Can you please investigate or tell me what is going wrong please?

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