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sixdemonbag5 years ago
I just finished your lightbox design for my fiancee as a wedding gift. I proposed to her at Disneyworld and she got a glass slipper etched with our names and date on it that she hasn't been displaying because it looks pretty plain sitting by itself. It looks fantastic now.

I made two changes though:
1) I cut up two cheap ball point pens to use as supports rather than chopsticks to make it a little sturdier since they don't taper like the chopsticks would.

2) I drilled out a hole in the front and ran a chain from a pull switch out of the front for the light. When I get more spare time I plan on fitting a mickey head charm on the end.

Thanks for the inspiration and the instructable, keep up the good work.
RadBear (author)  sixdemonbag5 years ago
Cool and congratulations!!! Thanks for the kind words.
vishalapr5 years ago
I just subscribed to you because I liked your ibles!
RadBear (author)  vishalapr5 years ago
Thanks! Always glad to get feedback. Unfortunately I took a new job about 18 months ago which has cut down on my free time so my productivity is falling off. But I have one in the works and ideas for more.
RadBear (author) 5 years ago
Updated my Drill Press Hose Mount Instructable. I kept getting errors when I tried to add notes to the new pictures. This Ible may be a little confusing as I have all three versions of the project in it, but by doing this you can see how the idea developed when problems came up. Hopefully this one will last a while and I won't have to make a Version 4. If that happens I'll have to redo the Ible as it may already be bordering on the bewildering.
RadBear (author) 6 years ago
A new subscriber has replaced the one who jumped the good ship RadBear. And I found out I can subscribe to myslef to see what I look like from a non-me perspective. Sort of like Hanninal Lecter turning his own piercing analysus on himself...without the whole murder and cannabilism thing.

Anyway I've put out a raft of Ibles lately. 3 art, 1 practical pretty, and 1functional ugly. I've got another funtctional (hopefully non-ugly) in the works and more arty ones percolating in my brain and idea book as well. Just have to see what fre time allows.
RadBear (author) 6 years ago
Someone has unsubscribed from me...a tear falls from my eye...
Wasagi6 years ago
 Thank you for the patch and the feedback!! 

RadBear (author) 6 years ago
For those who like my artistic projects I've got several in the works, but they are rather involved so I may not have them done until spring what with the holidays coming and lack of warm weather making spray painting nigh impossible for several months. So hang in there. Hopefully the results will be worth the wait.

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