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  • Raijjn commented on Boba Jett's instructable Growing the Carolina Reaper2 years ago
    Growing the Carolina Reaper

    thank you for the quick response. they are planted in a regionally based all purpose potting soil. the "chucks" you see are just on the top. it's bits if tree bark etc.. that floated when I 1st soaked the soil when I planted the seed.the light is CFL bulb, (Chromalux full spectrum bulb) I've raised the light up higher above them (just in case). I would normally grit my teeth when I hear of someone using incandescent lights for plants, but it's been my experience in the past when I was younger and growing the "not so legal" "peppers" that these light bulbs are absolutely amazing for seedlings. I was 1st introduced to these bulbs by a pet stored owner for my snakes. anyway, (I'm getting off topic here lol) thank you for your advice

    hello, I'm having trouble with my little sprouts.. I planted them, but then they just stopped growing, and now appear to be dying.. (water leaves turning yellow) there's been no progress in growth in 4 days after initial sprout. any ideas? they've been kept between 70*- 75* with 12 - 16 hrs light per day

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