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let's build more model rockets for fun and education
  • RaketenClub commented on Q-Branch's instructable LED Throwies2 years ago
    LED Throwies

    you should at least add a resistor! most led are 1,2volt, you use a 3v litium here, add 180 ohms and they will last much longer.BUT please collect your throwies and DONT THROW them, you just waste the nature! dear author:at least please mention that!!!! and repeat it 3 times. its on you. it your responsibility!

    depends on coloir, and if you use a resistor to save power. but almost only 1 (rgb led) to 3 days... maybe a week (red/green) .... but then they are invisble and impossible to find... and just waste. dont do it and throw them away. collect them after theyre empty. but unfortunately the most people will just forget them, pah! fail!DONT BUILD THROWIES!

    they kast for ... 3 days? depends on color! but then .... no nglowing throwies get lost in nature. this is bad! Throwies should be banned! and i dont understand why there are so much howtos for it... its the most silly thing to build.

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