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sunshiine2 years ago

Love your profile pic! He kind of looks like grimpy cat. Have a splendorous day!


Random_Canadian (author)  sunshiine2 years ago
She started as grumpy papercraft and she is also in Vulcan,AB you can find her exploits on facebook under GeoCat.

By the way nice job on the win and full front page BANNER!!!

Grumpy papercraft, I like that! Banner was an unexpected delight! Thanks.


Scott Fair2 years ago

hi, this is scott...i am an american street artist living in greece and working in italy...first i want to tell you that your instructable for the digilegs is fantastic...great detail in words and pictures....i understand everything completely and am building them now...on the island i am on in greece i don't have aluminum available for the leg supports, so i am using stainless steel....of course this makes them more heavy, so i am substituting the steel feet for 5cmx3cm aluminum bars(my lower leg support is 45cm and the foot is 55cm), internally supported with wood at the places where there are bolts....my question for you is do you think this will be strong enough?

I am currently performing a faun character i made on jumping stilts (power skippers)...this is the video link...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qhd8FyW6VEM&feature...

now i want to make a faun character for my wife using your digilegs design....

later this year i am making a fire breathing dragan on digilegs...this is a video of my design plans


i make all my own videos and if you still want a video of your design in action, i would be happy to make one for you when i finish ...thanks for your work, it makes mine much easier

Random_Canadian (author)  Scott Fair2 years ago

Sorry for the extreme delay in responding to your post.

First I use Sintra because it is easy to form and it is not under shear stress. Any plastic including thermoset epoxy with glass mat will work but you just may need a form first. I used old nylon seatbelts in my first prototype design.

If using wood, I always use it as a core and wrap with fiberglass. Wood is usually fine while under compression, it is tricky to work with and varies in strength via grain, moisture, type and grade.

In the current design the knee will only bend 90 degrees, if this is a problem, you may have to modify this pivot point for more flexibility

The video is awesome by the way. Your movements are incredibly fluid and natural which to me shows that you have taken quite a bit of time to master the craft. Well done!

Scott Fair2 years ago

scott again...i forgot to ask you my other question...i also do not find abs here, so i can use pvc or maybe a piece form a car bumper...any advice?

treybishop13 years ago


My name is Trey Bishop. I own a haunted attraction and a video and special effects company. I'm currently building some creatures for a movie production and I'm short-handed to get what I need finished on time. If you would be interested in being my third party to get this project completed on time, I would be thrilled. I need two sets of digitigrade stilts. Would you be interested in building them for me? You will get full credit for your work. If you would like more information, send me an email: info@moonrisevisions.com or (my personal email) trey@okasylum.com

My production company:

My haunt:
okasylum.com & facebook.com/okasylum
Canadians! Woot!
canucksgirl4 years ago
Love the squirrel pic you're using as your avatar... Is that in your house?

Sooooo cute!