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Shadowman393 years ago
Hello, how are you doing?
Randomguy65 (author)  Shadowman393 years ago
Randomguy65 (author)  Shadowman392 years ago



Jag563 years ago
Sup Random.
Randomguy65 (author)  Jag563 years ago
With you, that was totally unexpected...
Jag564 years ago
Dude, I just had some more orange julius and might I say that your recipe tastes better than DQ's!
Randomguy65 (author)  Jag564 years ago
Shadowman394 years ago
Hey Random, do you still come on Ibles?
Randomguy65 (author)  Shadowman394 years ago
Yes :-) I was actually going to do an ible for LEGO. Thanks for telling me they did an update. My YOU page loads alot faster now.
Yep, I'm glad they did that database change!
KneXtreme4 years ago
Thanks for subbing.
TheRacker5 years ago
Thx For Sub.