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  • How to play your device's audio through your computer's built-in speakers.

    I travel a lot so I spend a lot of time in my hotel room. I have a lot of movies on my laptop, plus I have netflix, hula, etc. I do get tired of watching these movies on the lap top or an Ipad. So I recently bought an extra long cable to hook my laptop to the big screen tv in the room. Of course the problem with that is the audio comes from the laptop and not the TV. What I would like to do is access the movie audio via bluetooth on my bluetooth headphones. I tried to run the audio to my iphone then access it via bluetooth but the audio quality wasnt there. I could buy more cable and hook the laptop to the tv via cable and use the tv audio. Any suggestions and an easy way to connect. The reason I would prefer bluetooth is because not all of the tvs have connections.

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