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  • Ranjith KumarA commented on wouterdevinck's instructable Wordclock3 days ago

    This is such a beautiful project, i appreciate the effort you have taken to make this and share this. I have a few questions regarding the materials.1. I was wondering if the C6(47uf) on power supply, 220uf, 22pf on the micro controller side are the same kind as C7(100nf), 0805. And finally the value of C1 on VCC5 is missing. 2. On the power supply the 330 resistor is it 330k ohm or 330 ohm. 3. What are the led's found connected to the power transistors. Thank you once again.

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  • Ranjith KumarA followed andrea biffi12 months ago
  • Ranjith KumarA commented on andrea biffi's instructable vintage style nixie wall clock12 months ago
    vintage style nixie wall clock

    I was wondering what the cabinet is on Step 20. The on with the 10 drawer chest. Much appreciate your time and effort in these instructable.

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