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  • RasecVicz commented on DeltaFlo's instructable Arduino Laser Show With Real Galvos7 months ago
    Arduino Laser Show With Real Galvos

    Hi, wonderful project. I think I missed something. On step 4 you say:"so you can wire each DAC output (with is positive 0 to +4.096V) to the ILDA IN+ connector and connect both the ILDA GND and ILDA IN- to the Arduino's GND"But, just before you said "ILDA IN+/IN- accepts a sign ranging from -5V to +5V"So, I understand the fact about use just unipolar signal, but yet we will be firing a range of 0 to +4096V on ILDA IN+ when it would must accept a range of 0 to +5V.What I'm missing?Thanks

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