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  • RayK24 commented on backbeats's instructable Guitar Contact Microphone Preamp2 years ago
    Guitar Contact Microphone Preamp

    Nicely described, thanks! I'm interested in this for piezo drum pads into an arduino (not too keen on connecting them directly as some do). What output level do you get when you tap your guitar body with a finger? And would it run from 5V unchanged? Thanks for your time.

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  • RayK24 commented on anouskadg's instructable MIDI Arduino Drums2 years ago
    MIDI Arduino Drums

    thanks for this! I assumed that more than one resistor was needed to connect the piezo. Are your ones sensitive enough to tap with fingers or do you need to whack them with sticks?

    ta ! I've got a uno and some piezos so I'll have a go. Just like to give a plug to the free mozzi code which takes an uno to the limit for synthesis on uno. My first project on uno was to take a voice input and transform it into a dalek (robotic) voice. Ring modulation. Mozzi meant that I only needed to write a few lines of code. Multiply two numbers, basically. Wonderful. No midi, no sample playback, but if you want to use your pads to make a huge range of sounds direct from the arduino, take a look!

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