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Actually, I can't help you because I built the 18-turret WASP. But my suggestion about the trigger idea, try holding the trigger a little bit once you pull it. And also, make sure you pull the trigger back all the way. And, how's the e-book going?
Alright, thanks bro. That did help. What do you think of the following song:

Actually, that song is pretty good. : D
True dat.
You watched video game high school on freddieW? I think it could be a real TV show, they did a really good job.
Yep. I pretty much followed them from day one. I absolutely love season two. Great stuff man, great stuff. And you should watch the premiere of season two, Freddie explains why he doesn't make it a TV show, he says internet web series are the next big thing and he wanted to take advantage of it. And I I always loved Freddie Wong and his works, so he is definitely great at what he does. : )
He is, I loved the Ultimate Nut shot video. It made me laugh for at least a minute!
Hey bro,

I am in the process of making a K'NEX gun replica ebook. I am planning on featuring your RSASS in it. Do you mind if I include that gun, and your user name as the creator?
Yeah sure, go right ahead. : D
Thanks bro, its good to hear. BTW, what are you working on now?
Nothing at the moment, I'm trying to think of some innovative ideas. I have school starting in two weeks, so who really knows when I'll come out with something new.
Hey glad to see you're a christian! ;)
Thanks man! I appreciate the comment. I definitely am glad God is in control over my life. I would be a mess without Him.
;) agreed! :)