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  • Reddman46 commented on pizzamano's instructable Wood Fired Brick Pizza Oven Build1 year ago
    Wood Fired Brick Pizza Oven Build

    I have this project on my radar, I have literally looked at hundreds of diy and pro installs, this one is up there with the best, great job, if you not a brick layer, you certainly could be. Thanks for the details about the brick leveling tool and all the nice pictures, I am certainly inspired to use your project as a pattern, well done! I would like to know more about how your brick leveling tool works. Is it set at certain stages to make the dome or is it set it once and it is done. Also, do you plan on using an insulating blanket and cover that with another layer of chicken wire and stucco or not? Realize it has been a year since the other posts, but some of us are just getting the PO fever and can benefit from your project. Thanks for any reply you give.

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