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  • Turn an old CRT Television into a Raspberry Pi Powered MAME Cocktail Cabinet

    I guess I can't edit, it's a CRT TV. component, A/v, RF, and S video inputs.

    I know this instructable is old, but, it's the most informative piece I've found in my searching. Would it be possible to set this up as 2 player? one on either side, like the old Pacman Tables, or say as a nintendo emulator? Ive got a 32" flat screen CRT that I don't really want to toss out, and am trying to find a way to use it as an arcade. I'd settle for MAME, but NES, SNES, Genesis/Mastersystem would be great, just 2 player. Even if I had to build a vertical cabinet for side by side 2 player that would be fine. Thanks for this instructable, and thanks in advance for a reply

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