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  • RiceCracker657 commented on Shroomers's instructable Minecraft Pe Tips And Tricks2 years ago
    Minecraft Pe Tips And Tricks

    It is a great reference book, but here is some constructive criticism. 1. It is a five piece guide. Not too much, not too shabby. 2. It is very irrelevant to Minecraft survival, my favorite being bridge with a farm. 3. It is a very outdated guide. There are lots of more renewal of the guide's contents, due to being more in-game contents. 4. There isn't much information, nonetheless good information. Basically, I can write this in ten minutes, with my criteria. If you meet up to those, you may have a perfect, or possibly near perfect guide.

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  • RiceCracker657 followed Minecraft, Survival, Pets, Apple and 8 others channel 2 years ago