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  • RichardD52 commented on StephanP1's instructable A boat from a single 2x42 years ago
    A boat from a single 2x4

    Wonderful. Shared it to my FB page. I like that this and the Tardis include animal helpers.

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  • RichardD52 commented on JosephR25's instructable Breakfast for the week in 30 minutes!2 years ago
    Breakfast for the week in 30 minutes!

    For a stretch in my bachelor/college/working days I would make sandwiches for a week and freeze them individually and on the day off I would bring the frozen sandwich which thawed out in my lunch bag with a fresh piece of lettuce to out in. For dinner I would have two drumsticks or a chicken breast or a serving of casserole flipping between them all frozen individually so all I did was make a salad. Pretty boring but I was working full time and going to school full time. You can get good grades when you have no social life. Breakfast I ate over a frying pan in the sink, a runny fried egg sandwich, no dishes. Cheap as well.

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  • RichardD52 commented on jessyratfink's instructable how to caramelize onions2 years ago
    how to caramelize onions

    Personally I don't throw away the burnt bits I have a container of flotsam and jetsam of cooking and it all goes in for a later, "Fridge Soup". I also like burnt bits as long as it's bits not lots. that's just my taste buds.

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