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  • Control DC and stepper motors with L298N Dual Motor Controller Modules and Arduino

    Hi, Great tutorial, I got it all working first time.A couple of questions, 1) why do you needs 3 signal pins per motor. Won't 2 do (1 for PWM speed control, the other for direction)I assume that inputs 7 and 12 can be either left with jumpers on (which are missing on my board) or tied to 5V), is this correct?Is there any control advantage of disabling the motor with these pin going to 0V, better breaking ?2) I have a 9v source and the 12V jumper (3 on your diagram) in place.However the output from (6 on the L298H is 7.3V which does not appear regulated at 5V to me. Do you think the board if faulty?Thanks for any helpRichard

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