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    DIY carbon heated blanket

    Hi jdrego1, What You state is correct we could go to the Walmart web site and have thing shipped to our door in 2 days for $9.95. However, I infer that you think that spending more money with an unsure result is a bad thing. Further I infered that you think taking a chance of "burning down the bed" would stop these types of efforts. If my inferences are accurate, in this you are greatly mistaken.People on this site are makers, artists and other such rabble. They think a burnt finger, or running out of a smoke filled room is a part of the glorious process.If this sounds crazy to you, I recommend you spend more time at the wamart website or othet place of your choice. Instructables is not the place for you. It is full of new and dangerous things and ideasYes, be afraid, be very afraid Richwierd

    Hi Jon, You effectively shorted the battery. The resistance is affected by the length of the conductor, you did not provide enough resistance and the battery was going as fast as it could, and ended up over heatingTry again, but double the length of the carbon tape (or decrease the voltage applied to 3.7v) Refer to the link and you will see the cause and effects. Richwierd

    Hi Flash, Heating pads often die due to a fault in the circuit. If this is true in your case, unplug the heating pad and use an ohm meter to locate the fault.Richard

    Hey Ryia, You may not have enough resistance for 12v, you might try a lower voltage. Maybe a 3.7v 18650. You will need enough amperage too, a few AA's will not work. Richard

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