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Professional musician who loves to DIY. Everything from woodworking to Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects. I would rather build something than buy it. ?
  • RickO8 commented on fs woodworking's instructable Impossible Dovetail Joint Puzzle 3 days ago
    Impossible Dovetail Joint Puzzle

    Really creative! I'm impressed with your hand made jigs and basic tool usage. Question for you... did you sacrifice a few pieces during the process? I always end up with a "test" piece or two when setting up my router table for height and width of joining pieces. PS: Very cool puzzle!!

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  • RickO8 commented on kaelanib's instructable How to set up a camera in manual mode2 months ago
    How to set up a camera in manual mode

    Good job. A major part of manual mode has been addressed here. But you also need to manually focus your lens if you want to be "full manual". Also depending on your DSLR and lens your aperture (f stop) could be adjusted on the ring of the lens. Thanks for the instructable

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  • Universal Knife Block (Design Martin Robitsch)

    Dull the edge.... Darn spellcheck

    I see a few of you made these to hold your cutlery at an angle. Cool idea if it set below a cabinet (like my house would). It is good practice to store your knives blade up. Inserting knives blade down in to a block or any holder will fill the edge. Nice instructable

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  • RickO8 commented on HomeRepairTutor 's instructable Soldering Quick Tips4 months ago
    Soldering Quick Tips

    Weller not seller.. Meh spellcheck

    SeamusFrederick... I prefer the brand Hakko. You could also buy a seller in Amazon as well. Most important feature would be adjustable temperature and the ability to use different sized tips

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