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July 23, 2008
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  • Don't forget to take enough pics and notes - makes it soo much easier to give us a nice Instructable back ;)And who knows you might even get something back in return! - Downunder35m

    I agree with Toga_Dan, but in my experience you should be ok. Your going to want the correct amperage to get the speakers working well for sure.Also make sure both are DC. I once put 12V AC into a DC componet :( - AlphaNomad

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  • After looking at some other instructables on here, I started looking at the PC power supply version. I happened to look at an old Mad Dog Mega-Vault external hard drive kit (powered aluminum case to turn your HDD into an external drive). The power brick is a Leadman Electronic POWMAX KY-05036S-12. Output is +12V/2A and +5V/2A. The board to attach the hard drive is intact with the power switch and the board has the 4 wire molex connector on it. I hooked up my multimeter and the +12V leads read 14.8V. Will this work for my application? The HU I'm using is a "BOSS 612UA" digital receiver (AM/FM/USB/SD = no CD player). It had two +12V wires, one for constant (that I had wired to the 'powered antenna' lead on my VIbe's harness) and +12V Switched. I'm assuming the +12V switched would be used along with the ground. The +12V constant would be for the HU's memory.

    it's alive. I hooked it up to a speaker from a surround sound system we haven't been using. Now to design a box for it all.

    Thanks, I didn't want to hook it up only to find out I put too much power to the stereo. (Since the 12V rated power supply gave me 14V with the multimeter). I have a 250W power supply from an old desktop PC but I was hoping to use the switched power supply from the external hard drive kit since it's so much smaller and doesn't have a fan.I'm still putting the pieces together. I still need to find speakers, the stereo's output is rated at 50W x 4, although the more I read it sounds like its more like 22W per speaker?

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