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  • RitaS11 commented on Into the Dirtshop's instructable DIY Truck Bed Camper!1 year ago
    DIY Truck Bed Camper!

    years ago I went camping with my 2 daughters and only a Grand Caravan minivan. I found that a 4 X 8 sheet of plywood fit perfectly in the back when the rear seats were removed. I just put sturdy milk crates filled with our supplies on the floor for support, and put larger items between them on the floor. Then the plywood on top, and on top of that a 48 inch mattress. When we arrived at the campground, the plywood with the mattress on top was pulled out and placed on the picnic table, the van unpacked and 3 small tents erected (one for each girl and one for the supplies and a changing room for me etc) and then the plywood and mattress went back in the van for my bed! Easy-peasy, no carpentry skills required!

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