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  • RobO48 commented on jmengel's instructable How to build a garage from the ground up1 year ago
    How to build a garage from the ground up

    3/4 done on roof shingles then just doors and windows to go. It's been a long 5 weeks of weekends and evenings... Thanks for this guide. It has been my Bible for the last 2 months.

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  • RobO48 commented on zymurgeneticist's instructable Eye of Agamotto1 year ago
    Eye of Agamotto

    I had an issue with the ports not showing up when constructing the Dr Strange gloves. This was related to my Mac having USB 3 ports and the Gemma not liking them (known issue). I popped a USB hub in the port and plugged the Gemma into the hub and everything worked properly. The same issue happens with the Trinket. Also you're using the Trinket PRO if you're following this. This snagged me for a moment before I twigged there were more board options further down. Hope that helps.Also I've found the ribbon cable wire REALLY fragile. I am up to where you're bonding the plastic pieces together (the best possible time with semi melted plastic) and then found two of the wires had somehow broken from the display while I was doing it. So yeah I have to fix that...

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