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  • Otto - build you own robot in two hours!

    I have it printed and mostly assembled. I am trying to use an Arduino Pro Mini and I'm having one problem. From the code it looks like it is using:Pin PD5 Servo (0)Pin PD4 Servo (1)Pin PD3 Servo (2)Pin PD2 Servo (3)On the Arduino Pro mini, pin 4 is not capable of PWM and therefor one of the legs doesn't work. I tried to reassign it to another PWM pin, but can't get it to work. The only other PWM pins are on PB1, PB2, PB3. From the Pro Mini documentation it looks like PB1 is seen as pin 9 in IDE. I tried assigning 10 to the fourth servo, but still can't get it to work. Is there something I need to do to change the setup so it will recognize Port B? I've tried a bunch of different mods, but just can't get the 4 servo to work.Can you tell e which pins you use to control the servo's

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