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June 15, 2016
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  • RobnAus commented on Kester1's instructable 18650 Battery Charger6 days ago
    18650 Battery Charger

    This instructable is as lame as your huge begging for a tiny you tube channel. I won't repeat what others have said but taking a few off the shelf boards and giving us instructions on how to tape them to a piece of wood is embarrasing.

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  • Solar LED Rechargeable Emergency Light

    A great way to re purpose an older lantern! I am going to build one similar for some 18650's I have. Thanks for sharing

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  • RobnAus commented on deba168's instructable DIY All in One Solar Power Pack1 week ago
    DIY All in One Solar Power Pack

    Beautiful Instructable and a great project! I am inspired to build one for myself. Thank you.

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  • RobnAus commented on JunezRiyaz's instructable How to make a LED Flashlight1 week ago
    How to make a LED Flashlight

    Technically your led light will give off light for maybe a few minutes but as you used the least practical battery measured by cost you would be foolish to build this light. Putting a 10 watt LED on a 400 to 500 milliampere-hours battery is silly. Learning how to build an led light using a matched battery, led and resistor would teach you so much more. I'm sorr4y to rain on the parade but the premise of this project is flawed. Please do a bit of research and try a new one and I'll give you an Attaboy!

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  • RobnAus commented on Radioactive_Legos's instructable 48V Electric Flat Tracker1 month ago
    48V Electric Flat Tracker

    I loved the electric motorcycle and hated the video. I wish I could of listened to the sound of the bike and motor rather then the stupid music. Please take a video of the bike and include close ups of the motor and very nice battery mounts. Like another commented by removing the appearance of pedals you made an illegal power bike that cannot be ridden on the streets or sidewalks here in the US. Great build but the addition of pedals and Lipo's would make this a keeper.

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  • RobnAus commented on Barry_L's instructable Simple 10w Bluetooth Portable Speaker 2 months ago
    Simple 10w Bluetooth Portable Speaker

    Since you are sold out of most of the boards in your speaker builds your links are dead. Without some actual specs of those boards so we could look else where to find them your instructable seems like nothing more then an advertisement for something you may sell in the future

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  • RobnAus commented on miroslavus's instructable Solar Outdoor Lamp2 months ago
    Solar Outdoor Lamp

    A bit of planning would have saved you both time and money. If you had used some common 5v LED strips you would not have needed to step back up the voltage to 12 volts.Also you described the solar panels as 12 volts at 5 volts... And I have never seen a lean to roof on the side of a building called a gazebo before. It sounds like you had fun which is the point.

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