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  • RoboDon2 commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Unusual Uses for WD-407 months ago
    Unusual Uses for WD-40

    As far as prolonged exposure...I cleaned safe deposit vaults at banks with WD-40 (we bought by the gallon) and microfiber cloths for 10 years with no harm done to my skin. Worst part was if you didn't wash well enough after it could make your hamburger taste a bit funny.

    Another great use for WD-40. If your lawn mower or other engine won't start, spray a bit of WD in the carburetor intake. It's flammable and lubricates too. If the engine starts you have a fuel problem. If it doesn't you have an ignition problem and it won't wash off the lube from the rings like using straight gasoline in the carb.

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  •  Wood Snare Drum / DIY Cajon Snare

    Trying to be nice but it seems there is some wood missing from your parts list.

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  • RoboDon2 commented on bekathwia's instructable Hard Cook Eggs with Steam1 year ago
    Hard Cook Eggs with Steam

    If you have a rice cooker (Asians and Cajuns know all about them) you just put in the amount of water for rice, put eggs in steamer basket and hit GO. I'll have to try the ice bath but mine have not been hard to peel. I do them the night before so they'll be ready for breakfast.

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