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LoneWolf6 years ago
"Being a robot, I have no emotions and sometimes that makes me sad..."

Isn't that a little contradictory?
Rock Soldier (author)  LoneWolf6 years ago
Seriously though, Yes. Yes it is.

Keep it though, it's funny :)
Ha! Good one!

"Rap-The only word in the english language that has a silent C infront of it!"

thanks for the patch!
Rock Soldier (author)  Zaphod Beeblebrox6 years ago
You're welcome, and Thank You for yours!
what's with the dots?
 Let's get a ragtag team of people with special skills, and embark  on an adventure to rescue the dots from the forces of evil, an adventure ripe with hilarity and antics, and then sell our story to Universal Studios.
Rock Soldier (author) 6 years ago

Wasagi6 years ago
 It's the Golden Gate Bridge! 

Btw, what was your name before, I'm too confused now a days...
Rock Soldier (author)  Wasagi6 years ago
Golden gate bridge? What?

I was Domindude10

(Sorry for the late reply, I don't pay attention to my OB)
 The thing on you sidebar. (Over there <---)
KnexFreek6 years ago
 THANKS FOR THE SUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!