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Dec. 12, 2008
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  • Rocketmanlewis commented on dragonator's instructable Solar System Orrery (3D printed)3 months ago
    Solar System Orrery (3D printed)

    GREAT JOB GREAT PROJECTI just ordered a 3D printer. I would like to upscale this slightly, and I am hoping I can do this through the STL files you give, upon importation, before slicing then printing.I worked at a Planetarium here in California for 5 years (2008-13) where I presented programs to K-12 on Field Trips - A terrific job before I became disabled. I would have loved to had one of these on display.Thanks Again, Your Analysis is also appreciated - Something not typically found in many Instructables. Bill Lewis, San Jose CA

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  • Make your own development board with microcontroller

    Good Idea, Poor Execution, in terms of explanation to viewer from instructor (Why it is called Instructables ?) Suggest that you take all comments, then post a revision.Problems, as some has already been stated:1) 5V input (As Shown) - Most Probably is 12Vdc that goes to 7805 to only provide 5V to Micro. Since Relays are 12vdc I believe the negative side (i.e. Gnd Rtn is to 12Vdc input of relay coil....? with Positive triggered through BC238 Transitors ?2) Need a better Micro to Relay Schematic2) You show only 1 relay out from schematic - would be nice to point out that this is 1 of 4 Relay repeatable circuits connected to ---- outputs on Micro.3) You use Green and Red LED's to follow/indicate input and output to relay(s), however these are not shown in schematic - only vaguely alluded to.4) What are those Pin Type connectors next to Red LED's5) Explain 3 input pin connector (upper Left Conn.) , and 3 pin output connector (lower Right Conn).6) Physical Build Shown Only - What about programming for use ?Bill Lewis - San Jose, CA

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