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  • RodL commented on Christian Knuell's instructable Knife Block1 year ago
    Knife Block

    It is cool looking, but I don't think anyone has looked at potentially how unsafe it could be with all the blades almost fully exposed. I am not knocking your design from an aesthetic standpoint, just trying to look at it from the safety standpoint, and the possible liabilities if someone were to build and sell this.

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  • RodL commented on milo_baker's instructable My first knife2 years ago
    My first knife

    That is beautiful work, Milo. I am currently working on my first knife, although I am a few years your senior ... I am 68. I found an old machete at a yard sale for $5 and have cut it up into 3 pieces to make knives from. The machete is actually English made by S & J Kitchen, and the steel is quite good. I hope I can make a knife as nice as the one you posted. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

    I've never done an instructable. Maybe I can do one for the knife.

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