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    I have baking the no-knead bread and the quick-rise bread - lots of fun, I tried the overnight in the fridge thing and the dough nearly took over the fridge. For some reason it just kept rising and rising. It is almost 2 am and I am going to go make a batch now, sigh. I got no control.

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  • RodgerC commented on randofo's instructable $2 Bill Pad1 year ago
    $2 Bill Pad

    I did this but went the further step and had the bills sequential; you would think this is easy but the tellers counted in $20 stacks then brought them to me and counted then again to really mix it up. Next time I will tell them what I want. A couple of the store clerks were Chinese and it was getting near their New Years and they bought almost all of the bills; they like to give brand new bills away to the kids on NY's eve.

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  • Amazing plasma globe tricks that you never knew before!!!

    I have a kiln that I use to melt glass; for simplicities sake; use tripples for melting the glass into the molds --- depending on the thickness of the glass, I will startt with 9:99 secs. put on your eye protectors and your gloves Cheap Ov/gloves work just fine as long as you are hot staring too long at your project., <<I go through a lot of gloves because I was fascinated enough to hold the glowing hot stuff longer than a few secondsl. I bring this up because you can 'nuke' some of those items you mentioned abd they will glow nicely; a highlighter pen will brilliantly produce a plasma ball that will make your microwave difficult to clean

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