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  • RoelS2 commented on chrismelba's instructable The Light Clock (IoT)1 year ago
    The Light Clock (IoT)

    Thanks a lot! I managed to integrate the on/off feature for the light clock into OpenHAB using the HTTP GET method in combination with a Black colour scheme.Colour scheme 1 = black for minutes and hoursOpenhab triggers the following Http command for on and offON: continue to work on this and also take a look at MQTT implementation.Cheers!

    Such a cool project i just had to make it!To make it even nicer i would like to integrate this into my home automation running OpenHAB. I've found the http strings to change colour templates, but i was wondering if you could give some insight in how to change settings using https requests etc

    Or even better... implement MQTT pubsub library to support changing settings (e.g. turn clock on/off) using MQTT topics

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