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  • RogerF29 commented on cah6's instructable DIY EEG (and ECG) Circuit1 year ago
    DIY EEG (and ECG) Circuit

    I wonder, would it be possible to replace the AD620AN with an ADS1015 see which I read contains a 16x amplifier - the reason I am interested in this is that the ADC on this chip can sample at 3.3ksps and output via I2C, I think this would be useful for outputting to a esp8266 so that the output from the sensor can be streamed over wifi.I'm wondering about adding this functionality as cheaply as possible, hence wanting to swap the the amplifier - but it's only 16x and running at 3.3ksps for 12bits... what do you think, would it be useful on both counts of gain and sample rate & resolution? I understand that this is a lot lower than we would find in a sound-card.

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