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  • RonaldD25 commented on fatboyslim's instructable How To Make A Jacobs Ladder1 year ago
    How To Make A Jacobs Ladder

    I am using 1/2" copper pipe 18" long, it was producing about 100 strong arcs then it began to occasionally "hang up" at specific imperfections on the pipes, so I put the pipes in a lath to polish them. Now the arc seems to have lost direction and is out of control. I am using the arc's radiation to treat solar panels to increase wattage output by >17%, it is important to not burn the panels. I think the ozone gas is too turbulent or my arc's emission point is too broad, I will try a more narrow 18" long slit aperture.

    I find that 1/2" copper pipes deliver a stronger arc, and I have never gotten wires as straight as pipes. I have not tried 3/8" pipes.

    I have used 3 electrodes to produce 2 alternating arcs for about 5 minutes, I don't know why they quit, the 12,000 volt, 30 milliamp FRANCE transformer did not heat up on 3-foot welding rod electrodes. I have to treat solar panels 8' wide, so I need many arcs running side by side.

    You probably have your project under control, just as mine is beginning. If you are looking for a project, you might consider helping me with mine. We have a 50 megawatt solar farm about an hour to the south and I want to apply my new invention to enhance it to 58.5 megawatts. They have a 3-year contract to sell their power at $0.15 to $0.17/KWh in Los Angeles and I think that is an unearned profit that should help to defray my needs.

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  • RonaldD25 commented on mark49's instructable Fluorescent shop light repair2 years ago
    Fluorescent shop light repair

    I can enhance my solar panels by having the arc from my 12,000-volt Jacob's Ladder float up past its face, but now I need to treat the installed panels in lying the horizontal plane. I want to try capturing the arc in a neon or florescent tube. What is likely to happen if I wire 12,000 volts to my neon or florescent tube?

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